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Vision of Jesus

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Yesterday Jesus came to me. He was smiling and His eyes were sparkling with a thousand sparkles! I asked Him, “Lord, please open my eyes and open my ears, so I can see what you want to show me. He placed His hands on either side of my face and blew on me and said, “Ephatha, be opened.” Then I was in the Throne Room, standing with my children, Joseph, Stephen, and Heidi. I was so happy to be with them! Then Jesus came walking up, holding my Sammy to give me. I started crying because I miss my children so much. The promise seems like it’s taking so long to arrive, but I trust His timing and I know it will be soon. The vision of Jesus holding him was so wonderful! He was tall and He was holding him in such a way that you could tell that He loves children.

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