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When the Poor Cried

October 19, 2022

I sensed Jesus had a message for me so I came to see what He had to say. He said,

“Ashley, now hear and I will tell thee what thou shalt say to My churches:

Shall not He who formed the eye see? And shall not He who formed the ear hear? But you say, ‘God has forsaken the earth- He cares not what we do.’ I care, and am come to judge My people, to separate those who know Me from those who know Me not. Where were you, when the poor cried to you and you would not hear? Now will I do to you after your own ways, and will not hear your cries for help. It grieves Me to My heart, those who show no compassion to their neighbor.

Go in peace My daughter, and share the words thou hast heard.”

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1 Comment

Naw Wah
Naw Wah
Oct 18, 2022

Yes. It grieves me as well.. If only they realized it sooner.

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