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The Invitations are Sent Out

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

July 9, 2020

I looked up and saw Jesus entering my room. He was descending from a heavenly staircase and His Glory was radiating from Him. He was so beautiful! He was smiling at me and holding a red heart for me in His hands. I went and looked closer and it had the words ‘Kind Heart Ministries’ engraved on it. Hallelujah! He has started our ministry!!!

I came and sat beside Him on the couch and He said to me, “Ashley, I have seen thy heart and it is precious to me. Thou shalt not be forsaken of Me. Look up and lift up your head, Beloved, for He that calleth thee is on his way. Thou shalt never sorrow any more at all. I have said and will make good My Promise in your life. I said not in vain all that I said I would do for you. And now, why dost thou doubt? Get up and be glad! For the Marriage Supper of the Lamb has come. The invitations are sent out and the Bridegroom is preparing for Arrival. Get up and say to him that readeth, ‘Go out to meet Him!’ For He is on His way. Look up and be expectant with a glad heart, My People, My Bride, My Remnant, for thou shalt not be forsaken of Me. I did not forget My Promise, but I have been preparing a Place for you. And now get up and come with Me! There is an end to your sorrow and suffering in this world. I have commanded My angels and they are at your sides, ready to lift you up at the Trumpet Call. Be not slack among them that sleep, but be on guard. Be ready at an instant to come with Me when I call. Go in peace, Beloved, and fail not to show all My good counsel to Him who readeth, that they may take it to heart and prepare.”

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