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Comfort and Joy

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

November 20, 2020

ThankYou Father, for all the miracles You are going to do for me!! ThankYou that You keep Your promises! ThankYou for making a way where there was no way. ThankYou!! I stand, looking at the darkest hour of my life, and I worship You, because I know that You are on the Throne. YOU RULE! No one can overthrow Your purposes. I LOVE YOU, LORD! You are faithful and true and holy. I stand, unmoved by the waves that come and try to overwhelm me. I stand, unmoved at the attacks of the enemy. I stand confident, because I know I have obeyed You, Lord! You are on my side. You are the Defender of the fatherless and the widow! You turn impossible circumstances into miracles. I love You, Lord! There is no one like You in all the earth.

November 21, 2020

Jesus came to me and stretched His hand to pull me up. He had a crown to give me. I took it and laid it at His feet, saying, “You deserve all the glory!” I heard the verse in my heart, “Blessed is that servant, whom when his Lord cometh, He shall find so doing.” Then I heard a strong, powerful voice saying, “Come up hither, for thee have I seen righteous before Me in this generation.”

November 22, 2020

This morning, immediately when I woke up, Jesus came to my bedside holding a tray. On it was a bun with the word ‘comfort’ on it, and a cup of tea with the word ‘joy’ on it! It was as if He was bringing me breakfast in bed! I laughed and jumped into His arms and hugged Him. He is SO GOOD! ThankYou Lord, for such a sweet gift of love and encouragement!

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