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I Am On My Way

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

March 20, 2020

The Lord said to me,

“Be not afraid, My turtle dove. For as thou hast trusted in Me, so shall I deliver thee from all thy enemies. None shall be able to stand before thee. Be holy before Me at My coming, for My feet are at the door. Make ready a table prepared for the Lord, and offer unto Me thy whole heart! I am with thee to deliver thee. Fear none of those things which thou hast heard, for thy enemies shall be ashamed and sore vexed. They shall be turned back suddenly, and shall find their foothold shaken. I have not said in vain all that I said I would do to thee. Thou art Mine, and none shall be able to separate thee from Me. Walk before Me and be thou perfect all thy days. So shalt thou be able to stand in the evil day. Said I not unto thee that I would save thee from all those that hate thee? And now I am come down to deliver thee with a great deliverance, which the Lord thy God shall name. Said I not unto thee that the Harvest is plentiful? Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into His Harvest Field, that not one be lost. I am with thee to save thee and to deliver thee. Be not dismayed at their looks, though thorns and briars be with thee. Behold, I have made thy face as strong as flint against their faces. Thou shalt be holden up, for I am able to make thee to stand in the evil day. Say not among yourselves, ‘My Lord delays His coming.’ No, I am coming even now. I am on My way. Be ready! For at such a time as you think not, the Bridegroom cometh. Fear not, My Love, for Thou hast known Me. Thou shalt not be ashamed before Me at My coming. Be ready in an instant! For I will call thee by a new name, which thou only shalt know. Be ready to come with Me the moment I call thee. Behold, I will take thine hand and lead thee. By springs of water shall I guide thee. Thou shalt not be afraid by night, nor be alarmed by day. For I am with thee whithersoever thou goest, to do good unto thee. Said I not unto thee that I would make good My promise? Fear not, therefore, but be strong in faith, giving glory to God. For yet a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. My feet are at the door, to carry away My Beloved. I see how your heart yearns for Me, and I am honored by your love. Thou art as a precious stone to Me, the apple of My eye. Be not near to the wicked, lest thou be consumed with them. For I am come to destroy the wicked, and him that layeth not up treasure before God. For their ways I will recompense a hundred fold into their bosom. For they said, ‘The Lord seeth not.’, ‘The Lord has forsaken the earth.’ Fear not to bring My message before kings and princes, for I will be with thy mouth, to give thee a right answer before those that accuse you. Go, My beloved, and be strong to do My Will. I am come to try them of the whole earth, to know who is Mine and who is not Mine. Mine own shall stand in the evil day, but the wicked shall not live out half their days. Go in My name, and act on the authority that I have given to you. I have given thee a sword and a girdle, and hast prepared thee for battle. Sit on thy horse, arrayed in thy armor, and go out against the foe. More are they that are with Us than they that are with them. Be not afraid, My little one. For I am with thee, to save thee and to deliver thee. I am thy Shield and thy exceeding great Reward. Go now, and be one with Me. So shall all thy enemies be driven back before thee. This is My secret, which I do show thee. In My Presence is fullness of joy, and in that is your strength. Be not high minded, nor lofty among the proud. Be with the humble of low estate, and honor them. For in thus doing thou honorest thy Maker who made all. Thou art My hand maiden, in thee will I accomplish all My good pleasure, My princess. Turn not aside to the right hand or to the left, for those that follow thee are ever present. In Me is thy strength and in Me is thy defense. I am gone out before thee as a mighty Man of War, and will not rest until the enemy is conquered and subdued before Me. I cover thee in the shadow of My hand, and rejoice in thee. Thou art Mine, and Mine alone. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer, for but a little while and the darkness shall be past, and the true light now shineth. Enter into thy rest, oh My beloved! So shall it be well with thy soul, and I shall say unto thee, ‘Well done, My good and faithful servant, My prophetess in whom I make My Glory known.’ I know thou hast not chosen this honor unto thyself, but it is I who have called you and will lead you by your right hand, saying, ‘Fear not.’ Go in peace, and be expectant at the miracles which are shortly to come to pass.”

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1 Comment

Christine M
Christine M
Nov 23, 2021

The Lord’s servant awaits the soon coming of The Lord Jesus Christ. We await the coming of His Most High. Amen and Amen. Peace be to all who love our Lord.

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