Where Tears Are No More

October 26, 2021

Jesus said to me,

“When thou wast small in thy sight I lifted thee up, and made thee a prophet to the nations. Be not lifted up in thine own eyes, nor think of thyself more highly than thou ought. I chose thee, not according to thy greatness , but according to thy weakness. Fear not, My daughter. For as thou hast put thy trust in Me, so will I rescue you from those that hate you. I said not in vain all that I said I would accomplish in you. Now why dost thou doubt? Arise and tarry not. For soon thou shalt be where tears are no more. Dost thou ask about thy instructions? Even what I told thee before: Be prepared for that day when I shall lift thee up to Myself, and sorrow not as others which have no hope. I bless thee My child.”

I just want to tell the circumstances in which the Lord spoke this to me. He is so kind and wonderful! I have been struggling lately, and falling flat on my face, so to speak, into pitfalls I didn’t expect to struggle with again. I remember His words that He gives grace to the humble, but resists the proud. I suppose I had become self confident, and thought I could manage without His help. I am so thankful for His patience with me! He didn’t choose me because I was better than others, but because I was weaker, so He would get all the credit through my life for what He accomplishes in me. I am overwhelmed by His grace. I love You Lord!! Please help me glorify You with my life. You are worthy of all the honor and glory.

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