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What You Have Sown

May 17, 2022

I sensed Jesus had a message, so I came to Him and He said,

“Take up thy pen and write, for I have something to say to My people. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Write what thou hast seen, and that in which I shall appear to thee. Thus says the Lord of Hosts. Consider your ways. You went up to the hill and built, and I took no pleasure in it. Yet you say, ‘Why does the Lord not take pleasure in the works of our hands?’ Did you build it at all for Me, says the Lord? Did you not build it for your own sakes, to make a name for yourself? As I live, says the Lord, God is not mocked. What you have sown you shall reap. The cries of those you have oppressed are in My ears day and night, and should I honor such a people as this? You forsook the poor and needy, and shut up your heart from him. Now will I do to you after your own ways, and you shall see whose words shall stand- Mine or yours. You said, ‘We did this all in the Name of the Lord’. But you did it for pride and vainglory, says the Lord. The poor whom you have neglected, he shall be your judge. When it was in your hand to help you showed no kindness. Now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Spare not to share the words thou hast heard, My daughter.”

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