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What on earth are you doing for Heaven’s sake?

Updated: Aug 17

I just have to write and tell you what has been on my heart lately. It’s too important not to share. What on earth are you doing? What I mean is this: We are only on earth for a short time- even if we live to be one hundred years old. Compared to all of eternity, that is just a short time. How are you making a difference in the lives of the lost? Are you doing all you can? Those are the questions I ask myself, and I am determined to do as much as is in my power to use my life for His Glory, to win the lost for Jesus. I CHOOSE TO CARE MORE ABOUT THEIR ETERNAL SAFETY THAN I CARE ABOUT MY TEMPORAL SAFETY. Are you with me? Let’s go out and stop being afraid of the devil! There are more on our side than there are on their side. And how do we win? By showing love and forgiveness to those who wrong us, and by choosing righteousness instead of sin. WE NEED TO CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THE LOST THAT WE WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SIN. We need to value our prayers for the lost so much, that we reject the first thought of temptation when it comes. Lord, please help us care about the lost as much as You do!

Thankyou with all our hearts to everyone who is donating to our ministry here in India! Some of you have gone above and beyond by caring for the poor even when it is a sacrifice to give out of the little that you have. May God bless you and do all the miracles you need in your lives! We are the emergency food relief in this part of India. There are no food banks or homeless shelters here. We can only make a difference as God’s people reach out to make a difference:

Thankyou for making a difference for eternity!

Your sister in Jesus,

Ashley Walker

Kind Heart Ministries

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