Weakness Turned Into Strength

August 19, 2021

Jesus said to me,

“Beloved, yet a little while and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. With the Lord a thousand years is but one day, and one day is a thousand years. Said I not that I would lift thee up above thy foes? Why dost thou doubt any longer? Be strong in faith, giving glory to God. I chose thee when thou wast small and despised, therefore despise not others, but remember from whence I drew thee. I lift up one and put down another. For I the Lord test the thoughts and intents of the heart. Say not in thy heart, ‘It is because I am better that He chose me.’ No, it is because thou wast smaller, that I might make thee an example of My mercy and compassion. He whom My eye is upon is the most blessed of all creatures. I called thee, not according to thy greatness, but according to thy lack, that in Me thy weakness might be made strength. Some keep their head above water by their own strength, but thou reliest solely on Me, from whom comes thy strength. Whoever rests upon his own strength has only his own strength, but whoever rests in Me has none other than the Almighty for his defense. Fear not, My daughter, but make thy preparations for departure, for it is nigh at hand. Over and out.”

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