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Visions, April 2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

April 9, 2020

I was putting the babies to sleep tonight, and an angel came and stood at the foot of the bed and was pulling both my hands, trying to get me to get up! I was surprised and wondered why. Then I saw angels in the living room, standing in two rows facing eachother before the front door. Then Jesus came in the form of a large lion. He was so majestic. He bounded through the rooms, then stopped at the foot of the bed and roared. Then He bounded out of the window and up into the night sky!

Today as I was with the Father, I was looking up at Him. He was soo huge! I looked up and up until I was leaning back to see all the way to His Face as He was towering above me, shining with light. I love Him so much and am so happy to be loved by Him!

April 5, 2020

I was putting my babies down for a nap and Jesus came to get me. I followed Him into the living room. He told me He had someone for me to meet. I saw that two men were there. I think they were Elijah and Elisha. I asked the Lord for their mantles. They each put a cape on my shoulders, one red and one blue. They were smiling at me with an awed look on their faces. Then they left, and Jesus smiled at me as they went out the door with Him.

Then I was in the Throne Room with my children. Jesus came to take me to the Father. I saw the armrest of His Throne and it was so tall. The Father looked so much bigger than I usually see Him. He was towering into the sky. A crowd of people were there, cheering, and I had a garland around my neck. I pointed to the Father and said, “All the glory belongs to the Lord! Worship Him!”

Then I was spinning in space, ready to be sent on a mission. All of a sudden I was at a terrible scene of a baby being killed. She was on a wooden changing table and the room was dirty. I commanded all pain to go now in Jesus’ Name. I took her in my arms and looked around for who did that. A heavy set woman with brown shoulder length hair was sitting on the floor, crying with remorse. She had on a green shirt with some caricature on it. A demon was laughing, that he had influenced her to do that. Jesus was sitting on the floor beside her, crying. I said, “Why does the devil find so many volunteers to be his puppets? May we be instruments of compassion and mercy, instruments of LOVE.” I flew the baby up to Heaven. I held her to me, wrapped in a white blanket. She made a few sad little sounds. I held her and comforted her. Her mother’s name was Amy and the baby’s name was Jennifer. I asked for a light pink fluffy blanket for her and a pink bow to put in her hair. I told my children, who were standing around, to take good care of “this precious, precious, precious baby.” Then I wondered where Jesus was. I saw that He was still with the mother, kneeling beside her with His arm around her. I flew down to be with them and told her to repent and give her life to Jesus, that He loves her. I told her that Jesus died to pay for her sins. I prayed for the Lord to fill her with His love and forgiveness. Then I asked the Father to let her come to Heaven and see that her baby was safe and happy there. Then she was there on the Floor of the Throne Room, crying, and the little baby came into her mother’s arms. The mother was saying, “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” Her baby was happy to be nestled in her mother’s arms.

Then I was angry and said to the Father, “Please put an end to the suffering! Please put an end to the suffering!” He stood up from His Throne and pointed His huge scepter to the earth and said, “Enough is enough”! I saw a huge flaming meteor hurling toward the earth. I said, “Yes, yes. Please do whatever it takes to get as many people as possible to turn to You.”

April 13, 2020

I saw Jesus walking towards me and he was wearing his brown lace up sandals. He had a big fluffy gray and white sheepdog with Him, on a leash! It peered at me from under its bangs that overshadowed its eyes. I hugged it and thanked the Lord. I told Him that dogs are such nice creations. Then the dog dropped a scroll on my bed that he had been carrying in his mouth. It said, “Run and don’t look back”. Then Jesus let him off the leash and he ran out the door! Jesus followed him out. I think that’s such a fitting illustration! I must run with all my heart in the way the Lord is leading me, like a dog who’s been let off its leash!

April 19, 2020

I was putting the babies down for a nap and praying for one of the beggar families of Biccavolu. Then I saw Jesus walking towards me! His feet were like glowing bronze and He was wearing His tall lace up sandals. He was carefully carrying a scroll, which at first I thought was two scrolls, but then I realized it was one. It was about two feet long and had golden nobs on the top and bottom of it. I asked Him what it was and He said it was His plan for my life. He was wearing a Jewish prayer shawl, a tallit, that had the tassels on it. I touched one of them. The words of the song came to my mind, “Oh touch the hem of His garment, and thou too shalt be whole.” I asked if I could see the plan for my life. Jesus said to me, “Follow Me, and let none count his life dear unto himself.” I looked into the scroll and saw myself teaching and ministering to a crowd of people in India.

April 20, 2020

I was putting the babies down for their nap, and Jesus came walking up to me. I knelt before Him. He had a gift for me that He put in my hands. He told me it was His heart of Love for the nations! It was a large red glass heart. He told me to look closer, and I saw Jesus on the cross, reflected in the heart. I thanked Him for loving us that much, to do that for us, to suffer for us.

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1 Comment

Pamela Brady
Pamela Brady
Oct 19, 2020

Thank you sincerely Ashley for these written words. I am so sad that there are those that do not realize about REPENTING. I would love to bring Souls to the Lord Jesus but I wonder if they truly understand their position. Am I perfect, "No!" Have I sinned, "Yes!" I have repented and will continue to repent. Our wonderful Lord Jesus gave his life for us sinners and I truly apologize to him what he had to go through on our behalf. Our Lord Jesus is filled with love, kindness and compassion and is the true light. I love him deeply, he is our only way to Salvation. Thank you once again for your time and sincerity toward…

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