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Vision for a Soldier’s Wife, Kristin

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

April 3, 2020

I was dancing and worshipping the Lord to the song, Let God Arise, by Paul Wilbur. That is always one of my favorite songs to worship the Lord to! Then I was worshiping to a Telugu worship song, Nee Maata Chalayya. The Holy Spirit is so strong on that song! Then I put on Nathan Morris’s Evangel Revival and was in the Throne Room. I started running to the Father and was running on a narrow bridge again, to get to Him. Jesus was there to meet me and He put a crown firmly on my head. It was gold and had jewels on it, yellow, red, and green. I took it off and laid it at His Feet. I saw the marks in His hands. Then He said, “As you have trusted me in the furnace, so trust Me in the promotion.” I thought of the concept that after the cross comes the resurrection. I thought, “I will be the happiest person on earth when I receive my vindication!” Then I went up to the Father’s Face. It is transparent with rainbow colored lights in it, so beautiful. Then I knew I was about to be sent on a mission. Suddenly I was in a battlefield and saw soldiers running. They had guns and helmets and black chin straps on. One of them had been shot and I quickly knelt beside him and said, “All pain go now, in Jesus’ Name. He had short light brown hair and blue eyes. I knew his name was Brandon. He said, “Tell my wife Kristin that I love her.” I said ok, and then I asked him if he knew Jesus. He said, “Yes, I love Him more than anything.” I said, “That’s good, He will be here to get you any minute now.” Then I saw him flying up to Heaven with a smile on his face and he waved at me. As I was flying up I commanded repentance on all the enemy soldiers and on all our soldiers.

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