They Know Me Not

January 1, 2022

Jesus told me He had a message to give me, so I started writing. He said,

“Ashley, long have I waited for this people to come to Me, but they came not. Now hear My voice. What I have said I will perform. It was a hateful chore for them to come to Me, and they loved their pleasures more than Me. Now will I be to them as they were to Me. Pray not for this people for their good, for I will not hear thee. I called over and over and they declined to answer. Now will I do to them after their own ways and will not answer when they call in their trouble. Dost thou ask of whom I am speaking? Even those that sit in My house and are called by My Name, but they know Me not. Every week they came and sat before Me and said, ‘Let us hear the word of the Lord.’ Then they went their separate ways and threw My word aside like a useless thing. They did not care to change their ways, but chose their own ways instead. Go in peace, My daughter, and spare not to share the words thou hast heard.”

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