The Valley of Suffering

June 20, 2021

Early this morning I was crying to the Father and asking Him to please take away my suffering. I was begging Him to give my children back to me. Jesus told me to start writing and He said,

“Ashley, I have seen thy tears, and have chosen thee in the valley of suffering. I have chosen thee as a signet, and have set thee before Me. I see thy heart, how thou sayest, ‘When wilt Thou deliver me?’ Behold I come soon upon the clouds of glory. Be ready to receive Me. Come away with Me to a land which I shall show you. Leave your sorrows behind, for it is enough. Thou shalt weep no more, but shall rejoice with My people. I see thy children and have counted every hair on their head. They shall be Mine, in that day, and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. Look up and lift up your head! For the King draweth nigh. The night of weeping is past, and the true light now breaketh forth. I see thy heart, how it is weary of waiting, but truly I say to you that your wait is over. Your name has been called! Over and out.”

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