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The Pearl of Great Price

May 6, 2020

I was putting the babies to sleep, listening to Soaking Worship Music by Bethel, like we always do. Then I saw Jesus walking towards me, smiling, with a necklace for me. I jumped up and went over to Him. It was a pearl necklace with a blue beach glass pendant on it. On top of the beach glass was a pink shell with one pearl in it. I asked Him what it was and He said, “the pearl of great price”. Then He started to walk away and a beautiful sparkling river was trailing behind Him. I ran over and hugged Him. Then we were in a small wooden boat and He was rowing with oars. I hugged Him again, but then I sat at His feet and held on to His leg so He could row. I asked, “Where are we going?” and He said, “You’ll see.” Then we entered a rock cave and He said, “I will give thee the treasures of darkness.” I looked and saw glowing colors in the rocks, like crystals. He said, “Thou shalt say to the captives, ‘Go forth!’ and to the prisoners, ‘Show yourselves’.” He said, “Hear with thine ears and keep in thine heart all the words that I shall tell thee. I love thee with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee. No one shall pluck you out of My Hand. Hasten to add all the things which I shall tell thee. Behold, I tell you before, that you may know that it is I who speak, and not another. I say to the river, go there, and to the sea, stay, and it obeys My Voice. Be thou like unto them, and hearken unto My Voice. Yet a little while and the wicked shall not be anymore. Yea, thou shalt search and shall not find him who contendeth with thee, for he shall be as nothing. I am with those that uphold thy spirit, that tho mayest say to the captives, ‘Go forth’ and to the prisoners, ‘Show yourselves’. It is not in Me to lie. What I have spoken I will perform. And now, My daughter, go in peace, and defer not to do that which I commanded you. I love you.”

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