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The Lord’s Promises are Faithful and True

November 12, 2022

I saw Jesus sitting in a chair and smiling at me. I came and kelt beside Him to hear what He wanted to tell me. I had been crying and begging Him to provide a sponsor for Raja, so we can live near my children. He said to me, “Am I not better to thee than ten sons?” I said, “Yes, Lord. You know I love You more than anyone in the whole world. ThankYou for what You have done with my life. I love the beggar families, the leper colonies and the homeless, Lord. We have all of eternity to be with our family members and loved ones in Heaven. But this is the only time, this war time on earth, when we can sacrifice for You and for others. I am happy to burn my life for You, like a candle burning at both ends!” He smiled and said, “Now it is time for Me to do what I have promised for you.” I started crying again and said, “That would be nice.” I told Him I have felt like the children of Israel in Egypt, how hard it was for them to keep their hopes up. But I told Him I believe Him!

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