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The Final Judgment

I saw the Judgment at the end of the world. A huge crowd of millions of people was standing a couple miles out from God's Throne. I saw the angels shining with bright white light, standing with them, and they were about twice in height as the people. I was standing near Jesus, who was to the right of the Father. I saw one man kneeling in the middle of the floor, between God and the people. I was so worried that he would be judged to Hell. Then Jesus offered a white robe for me to bring to the man. I screamed with relief and ran to the man and put the robe on his shoulders. Then Jesus had given me white robes for whoever would take one. I brought them to the front of the crowd. I saw several people who I knew and family members. Those who had white robes on were smiling. I saw one man who had committed a crime and would never confess it on earth, so he was thrown into Hell. Another man I knew would not take a robe because he insisted that he was a good person. He was also thrown into Hell. I saw another man that I knew and was begging him to take the robe, but he held up His hand and said, "I'm good." And he was thrown into Hell.

Another time I saw two shining angels with large white wings, and they were dragging a man before God’s Judgment Throne. I was distressed about what was about to happen. I saw the Father, shining with white light outlined with blue, stand up from His Throne in indignation and pointed His scepter toward Hell. But I said, “Show me who it is, show me who it is!” I went up to the man and I recognized him with joy. I had a folded white robe in my hands to give him. I said, “Jesus paid for this with His Blood, so it’s free. The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!” The man looked at me with a look of deep remorse and told me that he had committed a terrible crime against me on earth. I looked down for a moment and then I smiled at him and said, “Well, that’s a good thing, because that means I can forgive you.”

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