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The End is NOW

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

July 24, 2020

The Lord said to me, “Beloved, I see how thou sayest, ‘The End is a long way off.’ NO, My child, the End is NOW. Come away with Me, My Bride, My chosen one, and do not sleep among those who sleep. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, GOD, YOUR SAVIOR. Write what thou seest, and that in which I shall appear unto thee. Thus saith the Son of God who hath His eyes like a flame of fire: I come to try the inhabitants of the earth, to see who is Mine and who is not Mine. With a heavy heart I do this, saith the Lord. Think not that I am happy that the wicked should perish. I warned them so many times but they would not return from their ways. Therefore am I compelled to destroy them with fire at My Coming, saith the Most High who liveth forever. I whet My sword and cut through the nations, dividing him that loveth Me from Him that loveth Me not. This is how to tell, Beloved: He who loveth Me is holy even as I am holy. He that loveth Me not careth not how he may please me, but pleaseth his own flesh instead. I hear how they say, ‘He cares not what we do, as long as we are Christians.’ I CARE, and am come to judge you every one after your ways. You will mourn and howl in the day that I do this, saith the Lord. Then shall you be sorry for how you treated your brother. Think ye not that I can see what you do? Though none else sees, yet do I, saith Him that sitteth on the Throne and ruleth forever. I judge you every one after your ways. He that has sown righteousness will reap in mercy, and he that has sown wickedness will reap in damnation. Think not that I am happy about this. I warned the wicked so many times, saying, ‘Return from your ways!’, but they hearkened not to My Voice. Therefore will I cast them aside as reprobate silver. Why, oh wicked, why will you die? Why do you not turn to Me while there is hope? Take heed to the watchman who crieth, lest you face calamity and there be none to save you. I AM HE WHO LIVETH AND WAS DEAD, AND BEHOLD, AM ALIVE FOREVERMORE. Write what thou seest to the churches, and that in which I shall appear unto thee.”

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