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Souls in Hell

August 13, 2020

Yesterday morning I saw Jesus waiting to give me a message. I came and knelt before Him. He placed both His Hands on my head and seemed to be quietly praying in another language. He asked me to come with Him and I jumped up, excited to go with Him. Suddenly we were flying through space. He was in the form of a large white eagle and I was riding on his back. He turned and looked at me and His eyes were golden. Then we were flying down very fast. I saw we were approaching the iron door of Hell. I said, "Oh no", but I was still willing to go wherever He needed to take me. We went in and to the left, two doors down. There was a woman in a prison cell, being tortured by a black demon. I commanded it to leave and it did. I said to the woman, "Jesus' Blood is enough to forgive your sins, as well as mine. He paid for a white robe for you. Let's go!" But then I looked at her face and saw that she didn't believe me. She thought I was there to torment her with false hope. I said, "No, I've rescued other people from Hell too. Jesus is right here with me!" But she wouldn't come. I asked her why she was there and she said, "Because I didn't believe His prophet that Jesus was coming soon." We sadly turned to go. Jesus told me we were going into the Mouth of the Beast. We flew down into a deep pit, and there were black bat-like Demons on the sides of it. When we got to the bottom I saw a black dragon with five souls in its belly, being tormented. I commanded it to spit them out and it did. I said to them, "Jesus' Blood paid for these white robes for you. Let's go!" To my astonishment, they refused to come with us, and crawled back inside the mouth of the dragon! I looked questioningly at Jesus and He said sadly, "They confirmed their choice while they were on earth." and I saw the world in His eyes. Then we came to a fourteen year old boy in a small prison cell. He was there for watching porn and for masturbation. Many tiny black bat-like demons were attacking his eyes and inflicting terrible pain on him. I said to him, "Jesus' Blood never runs dry! His Blood is enough to forgive your sins, as well as mine." and I offered him the white robe. He refused and said, "No, Mam, I can't." I was devastated. Then Jesus showed me a woman, kneeling on the ground, and He told me we could take her. I was overjoyed! I knew she was from Yugoslavia. I grabbed her and quickly said, "Jesus' Blood paid for this white robe for you. Let's go!" And we flew out and up to Heaven. I looked up and saw the tall gates of Heaven and all my loved ones waiting there for us. When we landed I saw that the woman was wearing a white dress and had beautiful dark brown hair. I hugged my children and told them, "I will be with you in person soon!!"

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