Soon I Will See You

July 16, 2021

Jesus said to me, “Write, and I will tell thee what thou shalt say. My people, I AM has seen your suffering and has heard your pleas for help. He is on His way to rescue you. Rejoice and lift up your heads, for help is on the way! All your tears have been kept in My bottle, and I will restore joy that once was lost. I am He who makes ALL THINGS NEW. Write these words for those who have been faithful and have passed the tests I sent them: I AM is coming to reward you, and His crown is in His hand to give you. Because you helped the poor when you had nothing, because you had compassion when others were cruel to you, I will clasp you to My bosom, and none shall separate us. You are Mine and I love you with an everlasting love. Go in peace My daughter. Soon I will see you face to face, and your joy will be full. Over and out.”

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