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Repent While There is Time

February 24, 2022

Jesus said to me, “Write, and I will tell thee what thou shalt say to My churches:

Thus says the Lord Elohim, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end: I have seen your ways, and am come to test you, says the Lord. I see what you did to your neighbor in secret and I will punish you openly. He cried to Me when you oppressed him and there was none to hear. I will render to you after your own ways and you will cry and there will be none to hear. My daughter, cry against the wicked city, for its evil has reached to the heavens. I Am will hold My peace no longer, but will cry out like a woman in labor. With the merciful I will be merciful, but will punish the proud. Hear, oh daughter, what thou shalt declare to My people: I Am has seen your ways and will judge you every one after your ways. Repent of your wickedness while there is time, for soon time shall be no more.”

Then I saw Jesus crying. He has been hurt so terribly by the cruelty of the wicked to the poor and innocent.

“Lord, please put an end to the wickedness and cruelty! Please judge the earth and bring justice for all who are oppressed. Please save the innocent lives. Please put an end to their suffering and pain.”

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