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Reap What You Have Sown

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

February 27, 2021

I saw Jesus standing in my house, waiting to give me a message. I came and bowed before Him and He said,

“Go, My daughter, and say to them of the captivity, ‘I AM has heard your cries and will rescue you, and will not delay any longer.’ Thus says the Lord: I have heard the cries of My people and am grieved with those who afflict them. I will hold them accountable for their many crimes which they have committed, and will not acquit them, says the Lord. Thus says the Son of God whose eyes are as a flame of fire: Why when I cried did you not hear? Where were you, your brother’s keeper? He cried in the night and you disdained to answer him. Thus will I do to you after your ways: You will cry and I will not hear. Yet you say, ‘Let justice prevail in the earth!’ Yes, it will prevail and I will judge you after your ways. You said, ‘As long as we can’t hear its heartbeat it is not a living soul.’ And you killed the poor and innocent. As I live, says the Lord, I will hold you accountable for your actions and you will pay the price for your sins unless you repent. He cried to you and you disdained to hear his cry. So will I disdain to hear your pleas for help. Those that have sown righteousness will reap in mercy, and those that have sown wickedness will reap in eternal damnation. I said not in vain that I would judge the living and the dead after their works. But you blaspheme My Name and say that the Lord does not see- He has forsaken the earth. I SEE and will judge you every one after your ways. Those that have sown in righteousness shall reap in mercy, and those that have sown wickedness will reap in damnation. Hear ye the sound of the trumpet? It is gone out over all the earth, to call My chosen unto Me. Come, My people, the Bride of My choosing, and rejoice forever in that which I create. For I will write on him My new Name, and will make him dwell in the New Jerusalem. Fear not, ye who have chosen that which pleases Me, and did not follow after your own lusts. I am come to receive you unto Myself. Go in peace, My daughter, and spare not to share the words which thou hast heard.”

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