Reap in Everlasting Joy

September 12, 2021

Jesus called me to Him so He could give me a message. He said,

“Ashley, I have seen thy pain and thy tears. I have chosen thee to Myself and will not forsake thee. I saw what others did to thee on My account, and will not let them go unpunished. I say to the wicked, ‘Repent’, and if he repent then it shall be well with him. If not, I have drawn My bow and will pursue him. None got away with the wickedness in their hands, but I saw all. Now I am come to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. The righteous shall reap in everlasting joy, and the wicked shall reap in unending punishment. I said not in vain that I would judge the living and the dead after their works. And now, My daughter, why dost thou sigh? Look up and wipe away thy tears, for He that cometh to reward thee is on His way. Over and out.”

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