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Prepare for My Arrival

May 26, 2021

I saw Jesus standing in my house, smiling at me. When I see Him, it seems as if there is a sparkling stream behind Him, as if a window to Heaven has opened up. The angels excitedly motioned for me to start writing. I heard His deep voice speaking and He said,

“Thus says the Son of God who has the stars in His Hand, whose eyes are as a flame of fire: I see thy works, every one, and am come to try the inhabitants of the earth, to see who is Mine and who is not Mine. I have seen how thou hast suffered and borne for My Name’s sake, and am well pleased with thee. Now make haste thy preparations for departure, for it is nigh at hand. I have spoken to thee and made thee My prophet as thou wast small in thy sight. Now come, I will send thee to whom I will send thee. Do not hold back or delay to speak My words, for I will be with thee to teach thee what thou shalt say. Thou art My beloved child. In thee I am well pleased. I have seen all thy tears and collected them in My bottle. Soon thy sorrows shall be no more, but shall be gone as a dream of the night. Now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Dost thou ask about thy instructions? Make haste to prepare for My arrival and thy soon departure. Over and out.”

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