Only Believe

July 28, 2021

Last night I was lying down to sleep, and an angel came and told me to get my tablet and start writing. Then I saw Jesus and His eyes seemed like they were burning with fire. He said,

“Ashley, I have called and I have spoken, when there was no one with Me. I am from the beginning even unto the end. I declare unto man what is his thought, and I see the innermost thoughts and intents of the heart. I have chosen thee to Myself because thou art pure of heart. I see thy struggles, and how thou wouldest be free from all attacks of the enemy. Fear not, My daughter, for I have conquered him on the cross of Calvary. Thou hast nothing to fear. Only believe and thou shalt be made whole. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Be in faith and expectancy, for I who call thee by thy name, even I am coming to get My bride, without blemish and without spot. Over and out.”

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