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Not Much Time Left

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

July 21, 2020

Jesus just said to me, “Get up, Beloved. Thou hast not much time.”

I have not much time for what, Lord?

“To prepare for My Arrival. Make haste and send to him that readeth, that he may sin no more, lest men’s blood be on thy hands.”

Lord, that which I see not teach me.

“Ashley, when thou wast small in thy sight I lifted thee up and made thee a prophet to the nations. I have said and will make good all My words concerning thee, that thou mayest say to him that readeth, ‘Run, and look not back’. Thou hast but a short time to fulfill My will upon the earth before I come to get you. I come quickly. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, GOD, YOUR SAVIOR, ELOHIM. Write what thou seest, and that in which I shall appear unto thee, and quickly send it to them of the nations, that they may prepare for My Arrival. Peace be with thy spirit.”

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