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No Fruit, Only Thorns

May 31, 2021

“Write, and I will tell thee what thou shalt speak to My churches. Thus says the Son of God, who has His eyes like a flame of fire, whose fan is in His Hand, and He will throughly purge His threshing floor. I am come to test those who say they are Mine but are not. Wherefore when I sought for fruit I found none, but thorns only? I saw what you did to the poor and needy, how he cried to you and you turned a deaf ear to him. Now will I do to you after your own ways: You will cry and I will not hear. I am a God of Justice, and am come to restore justice in the earth. Yet you say, ‘We got away with it. No one saw it.’ As I live, says the Lord, You got away with nothing. Everything has been recorded, whether good or evil. I said not in vain that your works follow you beyond the grave. Yet you blaspheme My holy Name and say, ‘He cares not what we do as long as we are Christians.’ I CARE, and am come to judge the earth in righteousness. I will not spare nor pity, but you shall be destroyed with the heathen, those who say they are Mine but they are not. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Spare not to share the words which thou hast heard. Over and out.”

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