My Word Shall Be Fulfilled

September 2, 2021

Jesus told me He had a message to give me, so I started writing,

“When thou wast small in thy sight, I lifted thee up, and made thee a prophet to the nations. Fear not those who oppose you, for they do not oppose you, but Me. Dost thou inquire as to thy last minute instructions? Be ready against that day, for I come as a thief in the night. No man knoweth the day or the hour in which I come. Have thy things packed and ready to leave, metaphorically speaking. For I come to retrieve My Bride, and no man can stop Me. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, the Beginning and the End, God, Your Savior, Elohim. Write that which thou hast heard, for the time is at hand that My Word shall be fulfilled. Over and out.”

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