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Ministry Update

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am so very happy to tell you about today! We arranged a meal for the beggar families and we went to visit them and brought some gifts for the children. THANKYOU SO MUCH to the wonderful people who gave for this! I can hardly describe the joy I felt to be with them, after having dedicated our lives to them for the past three years. Thankyou so much to everyone who has been praying for these precious people! Today was the first time that I have been with them all. Raja and I told them that we consider them as our own family, and we truly do. Today as I stood with them, I knew that every sacrifice in my life has been worth it to bring them the gospel. Their eyes were shining with happiness, and they have come to know that we are serious about helping them and their children. Hallelujah! ThankYou, Lord, that You are not giving up on them.

I would also like to tell you all about our wonderful friends, Ajay and Sunil. These two brothers have helped us countless times over the past three years. They sacrificed many many hours and days of their lives to help Raja every time he fed the beggars. They have been faithful friends, even when others forsook us because we were poor. God bless them and their family forever!!

God is SO GOOD! He will be faithful to fulfill His purposes in our lives, and create a beautiful testimony for His Glory. We love You Lord!! There is no one like You in all the earth.

I also want to thank brother Tressy Tresmark of Norway. It is because of him that Kind Heart Ministries has started. When Raja and I first got married three years ago we contacted so many churches, and we were unable to find even one church to partner with us in our ministry. Then I met brother Tressy in some YouTube comments, and I started telling him the visions the Lord has given me. He strongly encouraged me to write a book of them, and I did! He was the one who did all the work of compiling my visions and messages from the Lord into three books, at no cost to me. May God bless him forever and use him more and more for His Glory! He is also the one who suggested for me to start my YouTube channel, and he created our website for us. Thankyou, brother, with all our hearts!! The Lord will definitely reward you a thousand fold for all you have done.

We are so thankful to the people whom the Lord has added to us! God bless you all! We plead the Blood of Jesus over you and your family members, and we pray the Lord’s blessings in your lives.

Love in Jesus,

Ashley and Raja

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