Mercy and Compassion

November 30, 2021

Jesus said to me,

“Ashley, take these words down, from My heart. I have seen and heard the cries of My people and am come to rescue them. Say not in thine heart, ‘It is a long way off’, for I am just about to snatch My Bride from the earth. I saw the suffering which purified thee, and am pleased with My work. Thou art a precious jewel to Me, and none can take you from Me. I am coming soon, beloved. See that thou art prepared, and not caught off guard. For as a thief comes suddenly, without warning, so I come. Thou hast laid up treasure in Heaven by thy mercy and compassion for the poor. Now come and enjoy what thou hast stored. I see thy heart, how thou sayest, ‘It is enough for me, to have helped those under my care.’ I left nothing unseen, My daughter, and your reward is great. I say this, not to you only, but to all who call on My Name in truth, those that have showed mercy to their brother. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Look up! For your redemption draws nigh.”

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