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Look Ahead

October 1, 2021

Jesus said to me,

“Start writing, and I will tell thee what thou shalt say to My people:

I AM has heard your cries of affliction and has come to rescue you. Fear not, oh My people who have chosen Me. I have seen all thou hast suffered at the hands of those who hate you for My sake. Your reward is great. I said not in vain that I would lift you up above your foes. I chose you in the furnace of affliction to Myself, as a jewel refined by fire seven times and purified. Now thou art a radiant Bride to Me. Thou art all fair, My Love, My Dove, My fair one. Thou art perfect to Me and I love thee with an everlasting love.”

“Ashley, write these words for him that is weary. For him who sees no hope:

Beloved, with the Lord a thousand years is but one day and one day is a thousand years. Look ahead to My promise and consider not the affliction of the present time. For to those who overcome I will grant to sit with Me in My Kingdom. I Am is faithful to the least of these My words and will watch over them to fulfill them concerning you. You did not choose Me but I chose You. Now I require of you a pure heart and mind. Look not to the things which thou hast provided, lest another steal thy crown. I am coming to reward the living and the dead after their works. And now what hast thou here, My daughter? Be ready at an instant to come with Me. For He that calleth thee is on His way. I bless thee, My child. Over and out.”

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