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Kind Heart Ministries’ Unexpected Expansion!

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are excited to tell you about how the Lord has redirected our ministry! It came as a completely unexpected turn of events. As you know, we were just getting ready to open our sewing center for the beggar women. We went to the beggar community on Christmas Day and announced the opening of our center would be on the 13th. A few days later Raja was in a nearby city, just about to order all the sewing machines, tables and chairs for the center. He had the money in his hand, ready to buy everything, when he paused and walked away to check his phone for some reason. The message he saw changed everything. To give you all a backdrop for what has happened: The beggar families of Biccavolu have been there in Raja’s village for about fifty years, and no one has ever helped them get on their feet to support themselves. Raja has been trying to start this ministry for them for the past eighteen years. Three years ago when we got married, I started working to raise support for them. One week before we were finally able to start the sewing center for them, another mission organization that we had never heard of before started everything for them! They purchased five sewing machines and five bicycles for them. They have placed a sewing teacher there to train them. We were in shock. Imagine working to help a group of people for eighteen years, and just when you are about to succeed, someone else does everything that you had been working for. We both knew that it was a closed door from the Lord, and we trusted His reasons. We had tears in our eyes, even though we were happy that they are being helped. We will always love them!

Immediately the Lord started putting a burden on our hearts to find other beggar communities that He wants to send us to. We knew that He closed one door so He could use us elsewhere.

The Lord has added a wonderful brother to our team! We are so thankful for him. His name is Uday. Not too long ago, he was working as a slave in Kuwait and was being mistreated by his master. We were praying and interceding for him with tears, that the Lord would help him escape. It was a miracle that he did! We are very glad that the Lord has added him to our work. He told us about this group of nomadic beggar families, and yesterday we brought blankets to them! They were so thankful, as it gets cold at night, and they were very much in need of blankets. God is SO GOOD!! We are so thankful to be used by Him. To Him be all the Glory alone!!

We also brought blankets to the beggar families of Biccavolu. We feel so blessed that we have been able to be a blessing to them in their lives for the past three years.

Please pray for us, that the Lord will send us to whomever He wants to, and that He will use us to show Jesus’ love to them. Hallelujah!!!

God bless you all!!

Ashley and Raja

Kind Heart Ministries

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