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Joan of Arc Anointing

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I saw Jesus! I was kneeling on the Floor of the Throne Room, looking at the pure white square tiles. Then I looked up and saw Him, and He was smiling at me. I saw the blood red marks in His Hands. He picked me up and held me up in the air! He was so happy to have me with Him. He loves me so much! I was so happy to be with Him and I hugged Him. I said, “My elder brother and Friend. You’re my Best Friend.” He asked me what I want, and told me I can have anything I want. I told Him I want to walk with Him among the stones, in the Father’s Heart. I told Him I want to be a carrier of His Glory, so that whoever comes into contact with me would experience the Presence of God. I told Him, “Not by my righteousness, but only by Your perfect Blood, I can stand in Your Presence.” He let me hold a small precious baby, who had been aborted. The baby was so happy to be loved! I knew there were many many babies in Heaven who had died that way. I told the Lord, “Forgiveness is getting ready to be poured out by the ton!” And I envisioned angels pouring out forgiveness like oil, from huge bowls, onto the earth. I thought of how every act of evil only succeeded in bringing out the Father’s forgiveness! Jesus told me, “I am Who I am.” He said, “Thou art My battle head. With thee I will shake all nations. Thou art My sickle. With thee I shall reap the nations and they shall be reaped.” I said, “Lord, use me however You want to! Make me an example of mercy, like Mama Heidi. Make me an example of kindness and forgiveness.” I asked Him to give me the Joan of Arc anointing. He was so pleased that I asked for this! I saw myself dressed in armor and my white horse was with me. He just told me, “Go in peace, and the Lord God of Israel grant thee thy petition which thou hast asked of Him.”

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