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Jesus’ Presence

On December 23rd I was in my kitchen, and Jesus walked into the room! His presence was so powerful that I knelt right where I was. Immediately when I encountered His presence, the parable came into my mind of the master who had forgiven his servant a huge debt, but the same servant went out and found one of his fellow servants who owed him just a few pennies, and demanded that he pay the debt. I told the Lord I was sorry for harboring unforgiving thoughts toward people for their wrongs to me, after He had forgiven me so many sins against Him. Then I waited to see what message He had for me. He said, “Behold, I will do a thing that the ears of whoever hears it shall tingle: I will dash the fathers against the sons, those that have rejected My words.” I was not expecting that at all. I saw that He was very angry, and justly angry, at the crimes people have committed against Him and against eachother. Immediately the thought came into my mind of how Abraham interceded for Lot and his cities, and how Moses interceded for the children of Israel. I prayed and said, “Father I come before You in the courtroom of Heaven. Only by the Blood of Jesus I stand before You righteous. I repent on behalf of all those that have rejected You. I repent on behalf of them and for the sins of their ancestors. I repent on behalf of all their family members. I pray that You move them all out of Judgment into Your Throne Room of Grace and Mercy, and keep them there as long as it takes them to repent. I pray that You do whatever it takes to bring them to repentance. I plead the Blood of Jesus over them. Break every curse, cut every chain in Jesus’ Name. You are worthy of the full reward of Your suffering, Jesus! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.” As I was praying He stood there, acknowledging my prayer, as if that was exactly the response He wanted. Hallelujah!! What a privilege to intercede for others, as He intercedes for us!

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