It is Accomplished

May 19, 2022

Jesus is here this morning! His smile fills me with joy! I came to see what He had to say. He said,

“I have heard the words they spoke against thee, saying, ‘She is fallen to rise no more’. Therfore I will defend this city for My own Name’s sake, and will leave none of you captives anymore. I am God, there is none other that can deliver as I can. I have seen and heard thy tears, and it is enough. It is accomplished, My daughter, your sufferings for Me here in this world. I have seen and tried thine heart before Me and have found thee perfect, lacking nothing. Only believe! and thou shalt have all thou desirest. Commit thy children to Me and I will save them. I have counted every hair on their head and they are precious to Me. I bless thee My child.”

When Jesus was talking to me His eyes were shining with joy! He spoke earnestly, and I know that He is glad for my sake that my sufferings are almost over. He is so good!

I might add, also, that I don’t think of myself as perfect. Having a perfect heart towards the Lord means that we respond to His correction and change our attitudes whenever they need changing. ThankYou Lord, for Your patience with us!

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