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Instructions for Those Left Behind

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

August 10, 2020

I saw Jesus standing in my house and angels were with Him! He was radiating with kingly glory and majesty and smiling at me. He said, “Prepare for liftoff, beloved.” He asked me again if I have any last words for my unsaved family members and friends. I said, “Yes, Lord, that they may not receive the mark of the beast, which is the ID chip or tattoo/vaccine tied to the coronovirus. I want them to know that there is HOPE for them! They will have to remain faithful unto death. It will be as in the days of the Old Testament, before the Holy Spirit was given- because when we are lifted off the Holy Spirit will be gone from the earth. They will have to obey by faith, even without the witness of the Holy Spirit.” Then He said to me again, “Prepare for liftoff, beloved. Prepare for liftoff.” He reached out His left hand to touch my right hand and then He ascended through the roof.

I had two dreams about the tribulation. At first I thought they were just nightmares, so I didn’t even include them in my books. Then I discovered that other people have been given the same dreams! It’s too gruesome to record here in detail, but during the tribulation horrendous things will be taking place on earth. The good news is that we who are raptured will be going on assignments to assist those who are left behind to remain faithful to the Lord.

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