I Will Bless You

August 25, 2021

Jesus told me He had a message for me, so I started writing,

“Ashley, I know thy heart, how thou sayest, ‘When wilt Thou deliver me?’ I see thy tears and thy pain, and none of them is lost to Me. I am come to reward thee for thy suffering, for it is great. I said not in vain all that I said I would do to thee. And now I say to you, Watch and listen, for you shall see the glory of God. I am thy Shield, and thy exceeding great Reward. I see all thou hast done to the poor for My sake. And now I tell you that I will do for you as you have done for them. Your labor is not in vain but will be rewarded tenfold. As thou hast had compassion on others I will have compassion on thee. Thou wast small and despised so I lifted thee up. I see how thou hast forgiven thy enemies for My sake. But I say unto you that they shall be your enemies no longer. For I AM has had pity on your cries for help. I have heard and I have listened, and will rescue you. You suffered greatly for My Name’s sake, and now I will bless you. Over and out.”

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