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I Gave You Grace and Time to Repent

March 31, 2021

Jesus spoke to me and said, “WRITE, and I will tell thee what thou shalt speak to My churches.”

His eyes seemed like they were full of fire. He said,

”I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, GOD, YOUR SAVIOR, ELOHIM. Write and say to My people, ‘Where were you when I called and no one answered? Why did you not hearken to My voice? Now will I do to you after your own ways, and I will not hear your cries for help when you call unto Me. I am a God of Justice, and I am coming to restore Justice in the earth. But you say, ‘The Lord’s ways are not fair.’ YES, My ways are far from fair. For you deserved Hell the moment you sinned. But I gave you grace and time to repent, but you repented not. Now I am compelled to draw you away with the wicked, down to the pit. Why, oh why did you not receive My grace? This grieves Me to My heart, that I am compelled to destroy those who think they are Mine, but they are not. Said I not in My Word that I would judge you after your ways? But you have made the Word of God of none effect! You said, ‘It matters not what we do as long as we are Christians.’ IT MATTERS! Now you will see who has chosen Me and who has chosen the path that leads to destruction. I offered you My love but you rejected it. Now you must bear My wrath. I am grieved with the daughter of My people who says, ‘Come, let us party until the morning- After that we will repent and God will forgive us.’ As I live, saith the Lord, such shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. I am come to receive a people holy to Myself, without spot or blemish before the Throne of God. In them is My delight and in them is My tabernacle. Go in peace, beloved, and spare not to share the words thou hast heard. Over and out.”

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