I Am Waiting to Receive My Own

October 15, 2021

Jesus said to me, “Ashley, I see thy heart, how it is weary of waiting, but I say to you that your wait is almost over. Get ready to rejoice, for soon thou shalt sorrow no more at all. I have counted every hair on thy head, and thou art precious to Me. Doubt no more, but glorify God for the soon deliverance which He shall bring. It is by faith that they shut the mount of lions and conquered evil, and it is by faith that thou shalt be delivered, My beloved. It is enough, thy sorrow and thy tears, for thee have I seen righteous before Me in this generation. Dost thou ask how this is, as thou seest all thy faults and shortcomings? But I say to you that My blood has washed them all away and thou art clean and spotless in My sight. Let not the devil trap you in your old sins, for I have put them away from you as an old garment. Be clothed with My righteousness, so shalt thou have nothing to fear. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Dost thou ask when this shall be when thou shalt be delivered? I am even at the doors, beloved, waiting to receive from the world My own. I bless thee My child. Over and out.”

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