I Am Thy Protector

Jesus spoke to me and said,

“My daughter, fear not them that kill the body, but have no power over the soul. Fear only Me, and thou hast nothing else to fear. For I am thy Protector, and thy exceeding great Reward. Said I not that I would lift thee up above thy foes and thy adversaries? Why dost thou doubt any longer? Be strong in faith, giving glory to Me. When thou wast small and despised I chose thee. Not because of thy greatness, but according to thy weakness I called thee, that all the glory should go to Me alone. I AM, and none else beside Me. I DECREE, and say to the sea, ‘Here shalt thou come and no further.’ I LIVE, and whet My sword to strike through the nations, to divide him that loveth Me from him that loveth Me not. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Dost thou inquire as to thy instructions? Be prepared against that day, for it is I who hold thee by thy right hand, and call thee to Myself. Over and out.”

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