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I Am Coming To Rescue You!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

July 11, 2020

The Lord said to me, “Ashley, I see thy heart, how thou sayest, ‘When wilt Thou deliver me?’ Get ready to rejoice, My people, for I am coming to rescue you! From the four corners of the earth they are being gathered unto Me, even those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice. I see all Thou doest for My Cause and I am pleased with thee. Thou shalt never sorrow any more at all. With Me are they before My Throne, every one speaking right and judging just judgment. The Marriage of the Lamb has come and the Bride hath made herself ready. Get up at the sound of the Bridegroom’s voice! He is coming and will not stall anymore. I see how thou sayest in thine heart, ‘The end is a long way off.’ No, the end is come up before Me, saith the Lord. I have seen all they do to thee and am come to rescue you from the heathen, where thou hast been oppressed. I will ransom the captives and they shall be delivered, even every one that shall be found written in the Book. Fear not, My Bride, My Wife of My choosing. For I have called thee from among the men of the earth. I have chosen thee unto Myself, and none can separate you from My Love. Fear not, but go, say to them of the captivity, ‘Look up! Your God will come and save you.’ Said I not unto thee and will I not fulfill My Words? I am not like them that lie. Wherefore dost thou yet doubt? Get up and be prepared, My loved one. So shall I come to rescue you from the ends of the earth. Dost thou ask how thou shalt prepare? Even by preparing thy heart as a bride adorned for her husband. I am thine and thou art Mine. From the ends of the earth have I chosen thee. Wherefore dost thou let the cares of this life come between us? Look up higher, for your heavenly life awaits! I am coming to rescue you, My people. Behold, I have set the watchman and he declareth what he seeth unto thee. Wherefore dost thou not believe him? Even because your heart is stiff-necked and stubborn. But you will see, in that Day that I rescue My Beloved from among the sons of men. Then shall ye be sorry that ye did not take heed. I sent the prophets to you, rising early and sending, but you did not listen. Therefore will I not listen to your prayer in the day that I do this, saith the Lord. Make haste and repent for thy stubbornness of heart, so shall I not be grieved with you. You try so hard for the approval of men, when you could have the approval of the Most High. Go, My Beloved, and shun not to declare all My counsel which I have showed thee, and there was none with Me. Peace be to thee. Shalom.”

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