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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

October 30, 2020

About a week and a half ago I asked the Lord to send me to Hell to rescue a friend of mine who had died. I went to him, but he was angry and wouldn’t come with me. Then a few days later I asked the Lord to send me to rescue him again. When I got there I clasped the locket around my neck with the Blood of Jesus in it. I told him it was enough to forgive his sins as well as mine, and that the Blood of Jesus has paid for a white robe for him. I got him safely to Heaven! I was so thrilled that I was doing backflips on the floor. He was staring at me as though he was still in shock, and his eyes were red-rimmed, as though he was still recovering from what he had gone through. He was sitting down and there was a cloth around his shoulders. I smiled at him, glad that he was being taken care of, and then I dove off the edge of Heaven to fly back to earth. Then I suddenly remembered my children in Heaven and wanted to see them! So I hopped back up over the edge and looked for them. Then I saw off into the distance. (In Heaven you can see much farther than you can on earth.) I saw a house on a hill and my children were waving to me from it! I believe it was my house in Heaven. The next morning I was praising and worshipping the Lord with my whole heart for His mercy and love, for letting me rescue that soul. The Holy Spirit was on me so strongly as I was praying.

Yesterday Jesus told me, “Ashley, you’ll be home soon.” Hallelujah!!!

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