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He Turns a Blind Eye

August 13, 2021

I saw Jesus standing in my house, waiting to give me a message. He said,

“Ashley, I am come to test the inhabitants of the earth, to determine who is Mine and who is not Mine. This is easy to see, beloved, for whoever is Mine cares how he may please Me, and whoever is not Mine cares how he may please his own flesh instead. Make no mistake- he who is Mine is holy and he who is not Mine is not holy. I said not in vain that your works follow you after the grave. Why do you take My words lightly, oh people who have not known Me? I called to you and you would not answer. Now will I do to you after your own ways: You will call and I will not answer. I waited long and had long patience with this people, but they revered Me not. They said, ‘He turns a blind eye to our sins as long as we are Christians.’ And now I will turn a blind eye to them, because they would not repent of their sins. Go in peace, My daughter, and spare not to share the words thou hast heard. Over and out.”

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