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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope and pray you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just want to say THANKYOU to everyone who is caring for the poorest of the poor here in India by donating to our ministry. We are so thankful for you! You are truly family to us and these people here. A few days ago we had a picnic for beggar families in another area. About sixty people came. It was so wonderful to be with them! Pastor Srinuvas is full of joy and the Holy Spirit, and we were all thanking and praising the Lord together. The beggar families are so thankful to the Lord for your care for them. This ministry is only possible because of people like you!

Today is also my birthday! Thankyou so much for praying for us, our children and our new baby on the way. I am 32 weeks along now. Please pray that the baby will stay in at least six more weeks. We’ve had some worries due to my history of preterm labor. Thankyou and we love you!

God bless you so much!


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