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Good News or Bad News

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

November 3, 2020

I saw Jesus standing in my house and His clothes were shining white. He was either carrying or wearing a blue cloth. He was smiling at me. I bowed before Him and worshipped Him. Then I sat beside Him on the couch and listened. He said,

“My daughter, be not slack among them that sleep, but get up and prepare for My soon Arrival.” How should I prepare, Lord?

”Get up and say to them that sin, ‘Sin no more’, lest blood be on thy hands. For I am a gracious God and I repent concerning the punishment of a man or a nation if it return to Me.”

Lord, what should I tell them? Are You coming soon?

“My daughter, how close is your hand to your face? So close is My coming. I am coming to find a church without spot or wrinkle, blameless before the Throne of God. Write and say to My people, I see what you do behind closed doors, whether it be good or evil. None can hide himself from Me, but all things are open to My eyes. Whether this is good news or bad news is up to you. And now, go, My daughter, and spare not to share the words which thou hast heard. And behold, I am with those that uphold thy spirit. Peace be to thee. Shalom.”

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1 Yorum

Yes Hes coming soon. Thank You Lord for this message from your servant.- I am yours and I must fully walk in the instructions you have spoken to me-I repent for my delay- for your Glory -for your Glory. I am not my own. !!

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