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Get Ready to Rejoice!

September 1, 2020

I saw Jesus and His eyes seemed like they were burning like fire. His Voice sounded like a rushing waterfall and He said, “THUS SAITH THE SON OF GOD, WHO HATH THE STARS IN HIS HAND: I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, GOD, ELOHIM. Write what thou seest and send it to the churches, upon whom My Name is called. I AM HE WHO LIVETH AND WAS DEAD, AND BEHOLD, AM ALIVE FOREVERMORE, YOUR SAVIOR, THE FIRST AND THE LAST. I see thy works, everyone, and am come to judge you after your ways. You thought no one saw, but I did. I saw how thou hast cared for the poor when no one was looking, and went without to provide for his lack. I saw how thou hast borne the reproach of them who reproved thee for My Sake. And now, having done all these things, stand, beloved. I live, and whet My Sword to cut through the nations, to determine who is Mine and who is not Mine. This is easy to see, beloved, for he who is holy is Mine and he who is not holy is not Mine. Give Me thy hand, beloved, and come away with Me. For I have set thee apart and appointed thee a prophet to the nations. Fear not, beloved, for thou hast not much time. Get ready to rejoice in the timbral and the dance, beloved! For thou shalt never sorrow any more at all. I lift thee up this day above thy foes, and thou shalt sorrow no more at all. Dost thou ask when this shall be? I am here, beloved! I am here to take you to Myself and clasp you to My bosom in love. None shall separate us anymore. Come with Me to a land which I shall show thee. Art thou ready? Pack up thy bags and let us go.”

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