From Slavery to Freedom!

I’d like to share part of my testimony with you! When I first got born again just before I turned fifteen, I started reading the Bible from Genesis. By the time I reached Deuteronomy I concluded that the way to please God was to obey as much of the Tenakh as possible. I was keeping Saturday sabbath and keeping the kosher laws and using the Hebrew names of God and Jesus.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t work up true righteousness through my efforts. I was a slave to lust, bad attitudes, fear and unforgiveness. I went back and forth for a few years between wanting God and wanting what the world had to offer. Then when I was eighteen I attended a one week Bible school in Pennsylvania. The Holy Spirit touched my heart and I rededicated my life to the Lord! At that time when I came back to Jesus, I somehow knew that the righteousness I was pursuing before was actually not the way to please God at all. I saw the purity and character of the people at that Bible school, and they didn’t observe the Sabbath or kosher laws at all. So I gave up all those things. Over the next several years I battled unforgiveness, fear, and lust. I was coming to the Lord for forgiveness constantly, and longing to be set free. Then in 2016 my whole life fell apart and I fell into the worst ugliness of sin that you could imagine. I became homeless at that time. I had lost everything in my life and was living in my car. I started seeking God again and started watching the Sid Roth show on YouTube. It changed my life forever!! I received impartation for visions from several of the guest speakers he had on his show. The Lord started taking me to Heaven and around the world, in visions. It was amazing!! He told me that He ordained all my steps, even my falterings, lest I be separated from Him by that deadly serpent, pride. He had told me ever since I was born again at fifteen that He had chosen me to be a prophet to the nations. I consider myself the weakest, smallest, and lowest vessel He could have chosen, because He can get all the glory from whatever He does with my life! It is obviously not because of my own goodness or righteousness that He chose me, since I was the most unqualified. Hallelujah!! He continues to visit me and give me messages. You can read my testimony of how I got free from sin in my post called Walk Out of Your Prison Cell.

I hope and pray that He will use my testimony to help others come to know Him better!

God bless you so much!

In Jesus’ love,


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