Finish the Race!

August 29, 2021

Jesus said to me,

“Ashley, I see thy heart and it is precious to Me. Look not to the things which thou hast provided, lest another take thy crown. I see and hear the cries of My people, as they say, ‘When wilt Thou deliver us?’ I am coming soon to judge the living and the dead. Fear not the looks of them that are against thee, for they oppose not thee but ME. I AM has come to your rescue and will deliver you. As I was with the four Hebrew children in Babylon, so will I be with thee. Thou hast nothing to fear. Be strong to finish the race which I have called thee to. Over and out.”

Later today I saw Jesus again and He was smiling at me. He told me that He sees my heart, how I am weary of waiting for Him, but that soon my waiting will be turned into joy!

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