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Everything has been Recorded

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

March 5, 2021

I saw Jesus standing in my house, smiling at me, waiting to give me a message. He said,

“I AM has heard your cries and will rescue you. Fear not, flock of My choosing, for I have seen all they do to thee and will not hold them guiltless. And now, come, I will tell thee what thou shalt say to My churches:

Go and tell My people, I have seen your ways and am wroth with you. For you oppressed your neighbor, as much as you could, and you said, ‘We got away with it!’ As I live, saith the Lord, you got away with nothing. Every crime, unrepented of, will be punished by fire. Think ye not that I see what you do to the poor and innocent? He cried to you and you forsook him! I am wroth with the whole of this people, saith the Lord, for they say, ‘He sees not what we do behind closed doors.’ I SEE, and am come now to judge you after your ways. Everything has been recorded, whether good or bad. And now I go My way to Him who sent Me. Fear not, oh daughter of the captivity, but prepare thy things for removal. For thou shalt move from hence in but a few days. Over and out.”

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1 comentário

Joy McGaha
Joy McGaha
16 de abr. de 2021

Sister Ashley, have you heard the sound of trumpet?

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