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I See Thy Heart

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

July 6, 2020

“Ashley, I see how thy heart longeth after Me. It is but a little while until you will be in My Arms. I have chosen thee from among the people and will be with thee to save thee and to deliver thee. I see thy heart and it is precious to Me. I said not in vain all that I said I would do to thee. Thou shalt be lifted up, and shall not sorrow any more at all. I have seen thy tears and have counted thy sighs. Come up hither, My Bride, My fair one. I desire that you should be satisfied with My abundance. Live not low among them that go by what they can see. Look up higher, for the Heavenly Realm is available to you. Come and walk with Me in the streams of Living Water. Come swim with Me in the River of Life. I do lift thee up this day and thou shalt sorrow no more at all. Come up hither, My people, and defer not. For I long after you with an unutterable longing. I see thy loneliness, but I am lonely for you. Thou shalt not be forsaken of Me. Though all others forsake thee, yet shall not I, saith the Lord thy Bridegroom. Come up hither, for it is the Marriage of the Lamb, where they shall lie down in sweet repose, My Flock of My choosing. I have covered thee with My goodness and thou shalt be satisfied of Me, Beloved. Look not unto others, for they are but feeble. I am thy Portion and thy Deliverance. With Me are they on My Throne, each one speaking right and judging a just weight and a just ephah. Dost thou inquire what this meaneth? Even that I have seen and have chosen who should rule before Me at My Coming. I have seen and have gathered together My saints unto Me, those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice. From the four corners of the earth I have gathered you unto Myself, from the four winds of Heaven. Thou shalt not be forsaken of Me. Let others do what they will, they can never separate you from Me. I am thy Shield and thy exceeding great Reward. I have clasped thee to My bosom in love. Fear not, but go and speak to them of the captivity, saying, ‘The Lord is coming to reward you!’ Thine alms are had in remembrance before God, the King of the whole earth. Go in peace, Beloved, and look not unto others to save you. I am God alone, and I alone shall receive the glory when thou art delivered. Peace be with thy spirit. Shalom.”

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