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I Have Seen Thy Tears

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

May 18, 2020

“Thus saith the Lord which is and which was and which is to come, the Almighty. Behold, for peace thou hadst great bitterness, but I have in love to thy soul delivered thee from the pit of corruption. Rejoice and be glad in Me, oh Beloved! For I have saved thee from every foe. Rejoice in My highness and know that it is not by thy might that thou wast delivered. Thou wast small and despised, therefore I had mercy upon thee. And now My daughter, come. Come away with Me and rejoice in My Presence forevermore! As thou hast stayed with Me in the Furnace, so shalt thou come with Me in the Promotion. I have seen thy tears and what they did to thee. I will not hold them guiltless. They made thee a reproach among the heathen, but I am come down to deliver thee. Rejoice in My highness, oh chosen one! For I am with those that uphold thy spirit. Thou shalt never sorrow any more at all. IT IS ENOUGH. Thy tears are sufficed and thy reproach is sufficient. Now thou art safe from pride, that deadly snake. I have in wisdom devised all thy footsteps, yea, even thy falterings, that thou be not divided from Me by pride or arrogance. I am thy Shield and thy exceeding great Reward. Walk before Me and be thou perfect, so shalt thou have wherewith to answer him that reproveth thee. Fear none of their words against thee, though thorns and briars be with thee. I have set thee as a signet before Me, and with Me are they on his throne. Every one that ruleth must be just, ruling in the fear of God, able to discern between the thoughts and intents of the heart. Thou art as a precious stone unto Me and thou shalt not be forsaken of Me, My turtle dove. Fear not, but be strong to accomplish the task which I give thee! Dost thou ask what task that is? Even this: Thou shalt say to every one that sinneth, ‘Sin no more’, so shalt thou be a harbinger of hope for the whole world. I formed and created them for Myself, but they sold themselves by their sins! It grieves Me to My heart to destroy them, but they leave Me no choice. Tell them to turn from their ways and make them a new heart, so will I not destroy them at My coming. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, Your Savior. Write what thou seest in a book, and send it to them of the nations, upon whom My Name is called. For My Name is great among the heathen, and My praise unto the ends of the earth. Go in peace, My child, and prepare thy stuff for removal. For thou shalt remove from hence in but a few days. I have commanded My high ones concerning thee, and they shall do all thy desire for the widows and beggars of thy husband’s community. I love thee with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness have I bound thy heart to Me forever. Go in peace. Shalom.”

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